Creeper Posing as Buyer

It has been reported by one of our brokers in Linn county that a creeper, posing as a buyer, has been trying to get female brokers to show him vacant homes. This became clear to the reporting broker when the “buyer” started sending her explicit photos, and on further investigation, several other area agents report getting calls from this same number.  Please email if you want the phone number and/or stated name of the creeper, and as always, use extreme care when meeting unknown potential clients and showing vacant properties.

Crime Wave Moves In

High-end homes in South Salem are being targeted by a group of criminals with a fairly regular M.O. Most of the homes are over $300K and vacant. They crowbar the back door to get in, and use the property as a home base for several days as they perpetrate crimes in the neighborhood, including car break-ins and thefts. What follows is information submitted by a WVMLS member:





Paragon Named Best MLS System for 3rd Year Running


Black Knight’s flagship system, Paragon, has the highest end-user and MLS staff satisfaction rating of any of the major systems (those with more than a few customers). The system also has over 90% positive ratings for almost all other areas measured in the survey, including high marks for implementation transitions. Respondents are looking for a wide array of enhancements, including delivery of the new Client Connect, more efficiency in the interfaces, improved mobile capability (where the new mobile option has not been deployed), improved statistics, and more. In terms of service, some customers have seen turnover in their support representatives, and they seek better communication, especially around open bug and enhancement tickets. Customers appreciated many enhancements this past year but were especially appreciative of the improvements to mapping and photo editing, the new release videos that can be shared with members, and the board-level functions that allow boards to be more autonomous inside a regional MLS. The Paragon team has delivered a #1 end-user satisfaction showing four years in a row, but they can’t rest on their laurels because the competition is right behind them.

Review the entire Survey.

E-Key on your Smartphone gets even SMARTER!

The Keybox Assistant with GPS feature is now available for eKEY users. This feature uses GPS to help automatically assign the listing address to keyboxes!

When you open a shackle and select “Adding on a new listing” as the reason and then input the house number, the Supra system searches for a matching address. If an exact match is found, the listing assignment is made. If more than one potential match is found, GPS coordinates are used to try to find a match. The Supra system continues to search for a match for 30 days. An email will be sent to you when a match is found. If no match is found, no assignment is made.

See this link for additional information about the Keybox Assistant feature. (

Thank you Supra…nice update!

P.S.  Contact our front desk at WVMLS if you’d like info on how to upgrade from your DisplayKey to the E-Key smartphone service.

Theft at Salem Open House

Note: After this post went live, numerous members called to say their open houses had also been targeted.

WVMLS Guest Blogger Nicole Shuba:

I had an open house this weekend in South Salem. I had several groups come through, and apparently when my clients came back home afterward, some video games were taken from the house. My clients had hidden their small electronics and nothing else appeared to be taken.

I only had four groups come through, of which I knew one of them. Two others were older couples. One was a young couple who spent a lot of time in the house, separated from each other, making it hard for me to watch them both.

I wanted to let all other Realtors in the area know to watch for this. They were driving an Elantra, gold colored. They were both VERY tall, he said his name was Chris, and they were probably early 20s. He had a large build with reddish hair and a beard and said they moved here from Boston recently. She had long brown hair. They also had  a dog with them.


(For more info contact Nicole Shuba, Principal Broker/Owner
Manor Realty
Licensed in the State of Oregon)

Address Notification in Paragon’s Contact Manager

WVMLS brokers often ask, “How can I be notified if a certain property comes on the market?”  Paragon allows this with a few simple steps:

  • First, set yourself up in Contact Manager as though you were a client. (Contacts–> Add Contact) Be sure to enter your email address as well as your name.  Press Save.
  • Click “Next” and Add New Saved Search.
  • Choose Multi-Class and enter ONLY the HOUSE NUMBER and the STREET NAME.   (No pre or post direction, no street type as in St or Av, etc.) and enter the Status “All Active.”
  • Click Save Search–> Save Search As
  • Click Save at the top right.
  • At the bottom of the Saved Searches screen, choose E-Mail NotificationSave the Notification template that appears, (make any changes or notes you like) and you’re DONE!

Hope this helps! If you get stuck, give us a call or email support (at sign)!


Agent and Office ID’s in Paragon

Step One – Find the Listing
Pull up any listing in Full Detail.
Figure 1 – Full Detail with Hyperlinks1fulldetail

Step 2 – The Broker’s License ID
Click on the Broker’s Name (hyperlink). The Agent Info window will appear.
Figure 2 – Broker License ID

Step 3 – The Office ID
Click on the Office Name (hyperlink). The Office Info window will appear.
Figure 3 – Office ID
3office(Note: We are in the process of acquiring all Office ID’s. If the ID doesn’t appear in the Office Info window, you might check the OREA site.)